Case Study: AutoVitals (B2B)

Driving B2B Leads with a Full-Funnel Paid Media Strategy


After just six months, AutoVitals’ lead flow increased 400% quarter over quarter.

Increase in Leads
Decrease in CPL
Increase in Conv. Rate

AutoVitals is the global leader in Automotive Repair Shop Management Software, offering digital vehicle inspections, workflow management, websites and digital marketing for more than 1000 independent auto repair shops in North America.

AutoVitals had just secured another round of funding in Q4 of 2019, and was looking to significantly increase sales for their management software. Drawing on more than 4 years of experience in PPC lead generation, I helped AutoVitals jumpstart their marketing towards their growth goal.


Prior to the funding in 2019, AutoVitals’ corporate marketing team had focused almost exclusively on trade shows and developing industry partnerships to drive sales. However, this recent investment into AutoVitals also ushered in a new CEO — and a new marketing strategy. The goal was to create a turnkey inbound marketing funnel, with paid media driving the bulk of high-quality leads through top-revenue markets and increasing the total lead volume. This was all suppose to be done while achieving a low average cost per lead.


Working closely with both stakeholders and other marketing colleagues, I established AutoVitals’ paid advertising program with a full-funnel digital strategy, increasing engagement, lead flow and ultimately sales.


To increase overall lead volume and optimize the cost per lead, I implemented Google Ads Search campaigns. Google Ads Search utilizes the power of machine learning to maximize lead flow at the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

However, while Google Ads Search campaigns are highly efficient at acquiring leads, the smart bidding algorithm is not capable of optimizing for lead quality. To maintain quality, I had to structure the campaigns to ensure that more of the budget was allocated toward AutoVitals’ top-revenue sales markets. By pairing Google’s smart automation with regional budget constraints, and continuous ad testing with optimizations, I was able to grow leads while also improving lead quality.


I expanded AutoVitals’ digital strategy to include paid social advertising. With precise targeting options such as similar audiences as well as unique ad formats like lead form ads, this social platform is an excellent tool for B2B lead generation. To attract and engage in-market, and demographically relevant social users, my social strategy focused on driving brand awareness and traffic to build a robust audience to fuel AutoVitals’ remarketing efforts.

Maximizing Lead Volume While Maintaining Lead Quality
Precisely Targeting and Engaging Users To Fuel Remarketing
Nurturing Engaged Users To Drive Leads

My search engine marketing and paid social advertising strategies effectively increased traffic and engagement with AutoVitals’. But, to help nurture those leads further down the marketing funnel, I established remarketing campaigns on both Google and Facebook. The remarketing campaigns targeted customers that had previously engaged with AutoVitals’ content, whether through paid ads or directly on the AutoVitals website.